Friday, October 9, 2015

#22: "One of the best songs written in the world in the past hundred years"

That's what Sinatra said about Cole Porter's "Night And Day." And through his long career Sinatra sang and recorded it early, often, and every which-way.

I knew the lush Sinatra and Strings version first, and this spare, soulful, haunting Live in Paris performance second:

How very lovely. As time goes by that sounds better and better to me.

But when I finally stumbled upon A Swingin' Affair and heard Frank swing it I thought maybe I had died and gone to Sinatra heaven:

Way to go, Nelson! I know I must be a bit of a clod to so often prefer the up-tempo versions of Sinatra's great ballads, but I'm in good company with this one: it's Bob's favorite version, too.

Mark Steyn writes the definitive piece on this song, with references to the Muslim call to prayer, Ring Lardner's "Night and Day" parodies, Frank's misbegotten disco version, and more. So go feast upon that.

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