Monday, August 24, 2015

#34: Call this indescribably good

In which a mature Sinatra delivers an exquisite performance. The Voice, in his late forties, knew exactly how to sing Cahn and Van Heusen's "Call Me Irresponsible":

The humming! And the arrangement by Nelson Riddle -- perfection!
Sammy Cahn was understandably proud of his five-syllable rhymes, a gimmick of sorts upon which he managed to build a very non-gimmicky sounding song. He discusses it, and sings it, in Mark Steyn's Sammy Cahn podcast, which Mark immediately follows with this terrific cover by Michael Buble:


I've been away, so I'm playing catch-up with my fellow list-makers. Here are some hasty takes on their recent picks:

Evil Blogger Lady has been busy paying tribute to Frank, featuring "This Nearly Was Mine," "Stardust," "Stars Fell On Alabama," "In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening," and "Soliloquy." Only one of those made my list: "Cool, Cool" at #100. It's a testament to the immensity and high quality of Sinatra's body of work that his fans can have quite discrete sets of favorite songs.

Over at The Camp of the Saints, Bob Belvedere is swinging swiftly toward his #1. His #25-20 include "At Long Last Love" (a Big Favorite of mine), "That's Life" (I don't like it at all), "Angel Eyes" (great song but didn't make the cut), "My Funny Valentine" (wish I liked it but it just makes me sad), "Nice 'N' Easy" (but of course), "I'm A Fool To Want You" (yes), "The Song Is You" (yes!!!!!11!!), and "Don't Worry 'Bout Me" (which I love but somehow let fall off the bottom of the list -- I will rectify that a little with my second hundred favorites, coming in 2016, God willing).*

Mark Steyn's recent picks include Dolores Silver's delightful "Learnin' The Blues," a real favorite of mine that came in at #92. (It probably should have been ranked higher but the competition is fierce!) Mark's #57 is Cahn and Van Heusen's "The Tender Trap," always great fun to listen to, followed by "Stars Fell On Alabama" (a must-read) and the Coleman-Leigh classic, "Witchcraft." (Stay tuned for a similarly-themed song coming up here soon.)

*Since writing this, Bob has put up numbers 19-17. More on those later.

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