Monday, June 8, 2015

More notes on Nancy

After reading Mark Steyn's great piece on "Somethin' Stupid" I just had to post the song here:

Mark blames it on the bossa nova:
In this case, the fact that he was coming off the Antonio Carlos Jobim session helped. The Claus Ogerman arrangements for him and Jobim were among the most lightly shimmering in his catalogue. "I haven't sung so soft since I had the laryngitis," said Sinatra. Had Frank just finished a session of "Fly Me To The Moon" and "New York, New York", he'd have bit into Carson Parks' song and "ate it up and spit it out". But having Jobim and the bossa boys as the warm-up act helped put him in the mood.
What wonderful luck. I'm charmed by it every time.

In honor of Nancy Sinatra's birthday, here are a couple of fun and endearing TV duets she performed with her old dad:

Demure in 1960 and rockin' the fringey pink go-go dress in 1966:

Yes, sir, gotta love that Sinatra smile.

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