Saturday, June 6, 2015

#56: Swinging with Irving

My fifth Irving Berlin song so far and the second selection from Sinatra's Swingin' Session!!!:

I love the Frankified lyrics at the end. Just right.

Wikipedia says that Mr.Berlin wrote "Always" as a wedding gift for his wife-to-be Ellin in 1925. Sinatra recorded it as a heartfelt ballad in 1947 and thirteen years later recorded this carefree, confidant, joyfully swinging take arranged by Nelson Riddle. The versions could hardly be more different. Spending your always with the 1947 Sinatra would surely be romantic and secure, but committing to the guy singing the Riddle chart would mean a much wilder ride.

Ella Fitzgerald couldn't choose between the ballad and the up-tempo, so she did both, in one song:


Continue the Sinatra feast with Mark Steyn, Bob Belvedere, and Ms. EBL.

And don't miss Fausta's excellent piece on Sinatra's collaboration with Antonio Jobim, "An exqusitely civilizing moment: Sinatra and Jobim." Sinatra's album with Jobim is a beauty, but more on that later.

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