Sunday, June 21, 2015

#52: Frank and Billy tear it up

Oh, yeah:


If that doesn't make you feel good, you might be dead. Play it again just to make sure.

Words and music by Johnny Mercer, arrangement by Billy May from his fabulous, exhilarating, hard-swinging Come Dance With Me!

Pretty much the opposite of my previous selection, no? Spinning daydreams or swinging from the rafters, Sinatra was the master of all moods. This is my fifth Johnny Mercer song, my fourth track from CDWM, and my 11th Billy May arrangement. What an immense talent he was. His centenary is coming up next year. Tribute, anyone?

(Heinie Beau, an arranger to whom Billy May sometimes farmed out charts, wrote some of the CDWM arrangements, perhaps three. I'd be interested to know which songs were Beau's. Anyone?)

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