Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#51: One thing leads to another . . .

. . . Too late to run for cover
She's much too close for comfort now

I think of "Too Close For Comfort" as the companion piece to my previous pick, "Something's Gotta Give," with their common theme of irresistible temptation and their exuberant, swinging Billy May sound. It's impossible to choose between them:

Will Friedwald notes that "Sinatra is never more exhilarating than when he returns for his outchoruses [on CDWM] (p 291). Yes, indeed. I live for his outchoruses.

Wikipedia tells me that the song was written by Jerry Bock, George David Weiss, and Larry Holofcener in 1956 for Mr. Wonderful. Which man wrote the lyrics is not clear but I think it must have been the multi-talented Mr. Holofcener.

I love the opening lines (and the way Frank sings them):
Be wise, be smart, 
Behave, my heart
Don't upset your cart
When she's so close
And so on. Just wonderful.


Filling Mark Steyn's 42nd slot is a big, big favorite of mine, "The Coffee Song." I'll comment (and quote) more on that later, but for now, here's a little of what Mark has to say about coffee songs in general:
Still, as time goes by, it seems to me that many coffee songs belong increasingly to a lost age when you'd swing by the diner, growl, "Hey, Cindy, shoot me a cuppa joe," and she'd pour it for you right there and then, and for 30 cents you could sit till sundown enjoying all the free refills your bladder could handle. Hard to credit in a world in which coffee has evolved into a knickerbocker glory with a shot of espresso, requiring sprinkles, squirts, slices and soupçons, all for six bucks and a 20-minute wait. Don't worry, I'm not warming to my theme - I've a whole chapter on that in The [Un]documented Mark Steyn, if you're that interested. I'm just saying the great American coffee song seems to belong to the pre-barista era.
Uh huh.


  1. I love this album. Billy May in top form, Francis Albert ridin' and swingin' high.

    The Hi-Res version, available at ProStudios is a top-notch mastering, although some think there's too much high end, but, man, it really swings.

  2. Thanks for the hot tip, Bob!