Monday, May 25, 2015

#60: Grab your coat . . .

. . . and get your hat
Leave your worries on the doorstep 
Just direct your feet 
To the Sunny Side Of The Street:

Don't you feel better now? That two and a half minutes of free therapy comes to you from Dorothy Fields, Jimmy McHugh, Billy May, and Frank Sinatra. The song was written in 1930 and recorded in 1961 for the rollicking Come Swing With Me.

I know I'm always singing the praises of Nelson Riddle but Billy May was a genius as well. This is the tenth May arrangement to make my list, and there's more to come.

Yes, Franks substitutes "snatch" for "get," but that's all right with me. He takes even greater liberties with the last line -- "all those chicks round my feet" -- but I have to admit I enjoy that, too. It would be interesting to know what Dorothy Fields thought of it.

Mark Steyn has written a lot about the great Miss Fields and I'm hoping he'll include this number in his Sinatra 100 list. If he does I'll come back and update with a link and some excerpts.

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