Friday, April 24, 2015

#68: "All Or Nothing At All"

"All Or Nothing At All" was written in 1939 by Arthur Altman and Jack Lawrence. Mark Steyn has already done the heavy lifting on this one. Here's just a bit from his excellent piece:
When the original hit and the definitive ballad treatment and the definitive swingin' arrangement and the wacky novelty version are all by Sinatra, that doesn't leave a lot for anyone else to grab a piece of. Chet Baker and Sarah Vaughan took a crack at it, and there's a ravishing John Coltrane take. And, in the last decade or two, Diana Krall, Jack Jones and others have attempted to ease "All Or Nothing At All" out of Sinatra's shadow. But it will be his a while yet.
I choose Nelson Riddle's "definitive swingin' arrangement" (though I don't really dig the groovy organ). It's 1966. Frank is fifty and Songs for Swingin' Lovers is ten years behind him. But he's going strong:

The mature, over-50 Sinatra has his charms, no?

Now go read your Steyn.

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