Saturday, March 7, 2015

#82: "Can't We Be Friends"

It was written in 1929 with music by Kay Swift and words by Paul James. Sinatra recorded it in 1955 for the Riddle-arranged album In the Wee Small Hours:

That's a pretty great song with a gorgeously simple arrangement, and Frank lives the part of the habitually-rejected lover as he sings it. This part:
Why should I cry,
Heave a sigh,
And wonder why,
And wonder why?
Oh my. That repeated line is just right.

Now, to destroy the mood:

So much fun, and what a great smile Frank had.

Bonus: Here's a wonderful take by Ella and Louis Armstrong with some lyrics missing from Sinatra's version.

*I've been slow to catch on, but in addition to Mark's and Bob's Sinatra 100 lists, Evil Blogger Lady is putting up some great Sinatra stuff. Check it out.

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