Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#91: Déjà vu in Vegas

It's Sinatra and Basie swingin' a Quincy Jones arrangement of Rodgers and Hart's "Where or When":

That was 1966. You may prefer the very beautiful ballad version from the 1958 album Frank Sinatra Sings For Only The Lonely.

What Mark Steyn said about a couple of other songs:
Sometimes there's a definitive ballad treatment of a standard, and sometimes there's a definitive up-tempo treatment of a standard, and sometimes they're by the same guy: Frank Sinatra, a man who did more than anyone to establish the very concept of the standard song. 
I would go ahead and list some more examples but that would be telling. Stay tuned.


  1. I hear Mark Steyn's been felled by a bad cold - damn those Buble Fans!

  2. You suspect it was a bioterror attack?

    (I haven't listened to a lot of Buble but his "Call Me Irresponsible" is pretty good. Not Sinatra-good, but . . .)

  3. I wouldn't put anything past the Canadian Terrorists [Buble's a Canuk, you know].