Saturday, February 7, 2015

#90: Too crazy for prime time

It's "Crazy Love," not the 1970 Van Morrison song, but this Sammy Cahn - Phil Tuminello number arranged by Nelson Riddle and recorded in 1957:

If you've never heard of it, just blame the suits at NBC. From Will Friedwald's extensive liner notes to the Singles Collection:
[The song is] a soft ballad with prominent tenor (Babe Russin), which gradually builds gently to a "soft climax," and then gradually spins down from that . . . . "Phil came in with 'Crazy Love' and we liked it so we went in and cut it," says [Frank] Military. "And we liked the rendition, it was a good record, and the thing is we wanted to promote it. So Frank got booked on the Bob Hope TV show and we rehearsed the whole thing. But then the network (NBC) came in and said he couldn't sing it, and we said, 'Why not?' and they said, 'We don't like the word 'crazy' to go over the air.' So we couldn't use the song on the show!"
I am a total sucker for that soft climax. Frank could have included "Crazy Love" on his gorgeous Nice 'n' Easy album and it would have fit in pretty well, even better than the title track, an absolutely great song that doesn't really match the style of the rest of the record.

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