Monday, January 19, 2015

Steyn's #4 -- After You've Gone

Oh yes:

I love this song! See Steyn for the deep and fascinating background on the song and Frank's recording of it. One of the great things about Mark's Song of the Week feature is the connections he makes that you never knew were there. Today's oh-my-gosh moment was his mention of Freddy Cannon's "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans," a bit of detritus from my childhood that I hadn't thought of in I don't know how many decades. My older sister almost certainly had that 45. But I digress. Go read and then come back here for more videos.

I'm unable to embed this one, but here's Suzy Bogguss and Chet Atkins with their sweet take.

And sorry about the dizzy camera work and poor sound quality, but you might enjoy this take by Hot Club of Cowtown's Elana James, Whit Smith, and Jake Erwin as they join Frank Vignola, Vinny Raniolo, and one other guy whose name I don't know. I think that audience got their money's worth:

I can't believe I blew a chance to see Frank and Vinny live, but husband and I have seen Hot Club of Cowtown a couple of times and they're terrific. Two favorites from their latest CD: The Continental and I'm In The Mood For Love.

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