Sunday, January 4, 2015

Steyn on Sinatra's 100th

This is too marvelous for words. From Mark Steyn:
2015 is Frank Sinatra's centenary year, which necessitates a few modifications to SteynOnline's music, film and entertainment coverage. Our official observances commence tomorrow when our Song of the Week department becomes a Song of the Semi-Week in order to squeeze in 100 Sinatra songs of the century between now and December. Several other folk seem to have opted for this approach, too - our old friend the Pundette has launched a dedicated Sinatra Centenary site for that very purpose - so we hope you'll have lots of finicky fun nitpicking through competing hit parades and demanding to know why this or that song hasn't made the list.

Don't worry, we'll still make space for other musical content this year, not least because I need to come up with pretexts for plugging Goldfinger. And we'll also be looking at the various secondary strings to Sinatra's bow in our movie feature and other appropriate departments.

But, as a curtain-raiser for the New Year and Sinatra centenary year here's an encore presentation of a SteynOnline audio special originally aired two years ago to mark Sammy Cahn's hundredth birthday. Aside from being the fellow who introduced me to Frank, Sammy was a prodigious hitmaker and a prolific lyricist who put more words in Sinatra's mouth than any other songwriter.
Go read the rest, and then listen to the podcast.

As for me, now that I see this little blog is going to get some traffic, I'm going to have to spruce it up a bit. It's not at all ready for prime time, which is to be expected when you launch a site 10 minutes after you create it.

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