Friday, January 9, 2015

#98: A duet!

Or two! I've never been able to decide which of these Keely Smith duets I like better, but I'm only making room for one on the list, so I'll go with "Nothing in Common":

Modern fans like me know these from Sinatra's Come Dance With Me CD, but they didn't appear on the original 1958 album. Apparently, they were put out as two sides of a single (that round object pictured in the video) and added to the CD as bonus tracks later on. You can purchase them from Amazon here and here, but if you don't own Come Dance With Me you might want to rectify that right away.

Both songs were written by Cahn and Van Heusen and arranged by Billy May.

*Update: Mark Steyn comments:
Pundette said she had trouble deciding between "Nothing In Common" and "How Are Ya Fixed For Love?", but settled on the former. I'd have plumped for the latter, which is very playful and sexy, and a masterclass in duet chemistry.
As for "All I Need Is The Girl", that's a great Billy May arrangement of a Jule Styne/Stephen Sondheim number from Gypsy. Jule Styne told me he'd always wanted to write for Fred Astaire, but the opportunity had never arisen. So in 1959 he decided to write a Fred Astaire number for the young kid to do in Gypsy. At the first-night party, Astaire walked up to Jule and sang, "Got my tweed pressed, got my best vest..."

Styne never got an Astaire record on the song, but Sinatra did it with the Duke Ellington band - and Frank humming along to that Billy May vamp is worth the price of admission all by itself.

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